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Have I Been Properly Vaccinated?

Have I Been Properly Vaccinated?

As we discuss in the book one of the most important ways we can maintain our health as police officers is by not only confirming that our NHS vaccinations are up to date but also by checking with ourdoctor whether they suggest we need any additional vaccinations because of the work we do. Professionals tend to respond more efficiently to written correspondence which is handy as it also saves messing around on the phone with that grim receptionist. I have even drafted the email on your behalf so you can cut and paste it …

 ‘I would be grateful if you could check my medical records and assess whether my programme of vaccinations and boosters are currently up to date. I should inform you also that I work as an operational police officer and are regularly present at incidents where blood has been spilt, often from people with uncertain hygiene or medical history. I also have frequent contact with people recently arrived in the UK from all parts of the world. Please consider whether I require any further vaccinations as a result of this operational role. Love and kisses …’

Give it a go – see how helpful your surgery is!


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