How to survive your police career

…In Mice

…In Mice

How many times do you read headlines in the papers or social media about new research which suggests that something lowers the risk of cancer, dementia or heart disease while something else apparently raises the risk of diabetes, stroke or whatever the medical concern is this week, but then discover that this is just some initial findings of a project which has got no-where near testing on humans yet!

Boston scientist James Heathers decided that the best way to debunk the more misleading of these stories would be to simply add the words ‘… in mice’ to the headline before telling everybody on twitter. Check out …

… and see for yourself. It’s brilliant!

One of aims in How To Survive Your Police Career is the presentation of reliable medical information for our colleagues in policing and that’s why we base our advice around that provided by our glorious NHS. Check out the book and see for yourself!

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