How to survive your police career

How to survive your early years as a police officer

How to survive your early years as a police officer

First published: January 28, 2022
Pages: 391
Hardback book: £23.50 Including free UK post & packing
EBook: £6.99
ISBN: 9781803130439
ISBN: 9781803138275
Author: Darren Moor

With practical – but not always polite – advice on subjects as varied as team dynamics and how to be accepted by your new gang; why the police does the bizarre things it does; why the public does the bizarre things they do; fisticuffs not taught at Training School; confrontation; breaking bad news; the media and when to ignore it; how to deal with stress, sleepless nights and people who want to be arrested (oh, and punched); getting promoted and doing well on courses; the lure of patrol car romances; drug ODs which aren’t drug ODs; decision-making when it’s all going wrong; avoiding complaints; firearms incidents; non-supporting DV victims that really need supporting; quick-time searches involving dogs and air support; people suffering dementia, behavioural problems, excited delirium or even threatening to throw themselves from high buildings; house fires; deaths following police contact; rail suicides; high-risk MISPERS; giving evidence in court (and the tricks barristers play); and just how you should be reacting when your crewmate batters someone in front of you … this book is the ultimate boiling down of experience from the ‘seen it, done it and still generally amused by it’ frontline skipper as he hands in his warrant card.

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