How to survive your police career

How to survive your police career (2022 edition)

How to survive your police career (2022 edition)

First published: January 28, 2022
Pages: 394
Hardback book: £23.50 Including free UK post & packing
EBook: £6.99
ISBN: 9781803130422
ISBN: 9781803138282
Author: Darren Moor

In this revised 2022 edition, recently retired Police Sergeant Darren Moor offers practical but humorous advice to Bobbies on how to maintain their health in such a bizarre job.

Written as a follow-on to his How To Survive Your Early Years In The Police Service for newer officers, Darren now turns his attention to the needs of the seasoned Bobby in this book crammed with useful information on how best to sleep, eat and exercise on 24/7 shifts, avoid infection and injury, how to maintain good mental health and relationships – especially after trauma, ethnic, female and good sexual health, fire and water safety, acid attacks, happiness, social media, eyesight and even teeth care.

Written in an irreverent, often mocking, style but combined with detailed medical information, and making use of help from experts in their field, this is the ideal book for the Bobby who wants to survive their career.

Testimonial (Original publication)

Dr Ian Hesketh FCMI (CMgr), FRSA, MSET (QTLS)
Wellbeing Lead

SRO – National Police Wellbeing Service

“Reflecting as a recent retiree from 30 years of police service, ‘How To Survive Your Police Career’ would have made a handy addition to my standard-issue chain-link handcuffs, dodgy radio and wooden truncheon. Back then, that was the entirety of equipment issued. Although personal protective equipment has improved beyond recognition, our knowledge of the psychological challenges has gone barely unchanged. This book fills that gap, providing excellent basic knowledge of common health concerns for all officers and staff. This, combined with an easy to use format, is written by practitioners who clearly know the landscape. With hints and tips on a whole range of health issues that can, and do, arise in our life in the greatest of professions, this book provides a great companion to guide you through the tricky adventure we call policing.”

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