How to survive your police career

How to survive your relationship with a police officer

How to survive your relationship with a police officer

First published: January 28, 2022
Pages: 443
Hardback book: £23.95 Including free UK post & packing
EBook: £6.99
ISBN: 9781803130415
ISBN: 9781803138299
Author: Darren Moor

In this light-hearted but informative book, recently retired Sergeant Darren Moor draws on his thirty years of service and twenty years of marriage to explain to new partners of police officers just what they have let themselves in for…

Designed as a companion to the book for officers, How To Survive Your Police Career, it provides an insight into the reality of your partner’s working life and pressures whilst offering practical advice on issues such as sleeping, mental health, nutrition, exercise, stress, relationships and the danger of affairs, avoiding infections, disastrous social media use, trauma, complaints and how to help your Bobby – or Bobbie – through all kinds of other difficulties. It’s also a useful source of general medical information for both the officer and partner.

Funny, whilst hard-hitting, it’s the ideal book for any partner wishing to maintain a solid relationship with their Bobby and so avoid that policing cliché of ‘join the force and get a divorce’. It’s also a helpful guide for other family members.

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