How to survive your police career

Stephanie Garnham

Stephanie Garnham

How To Survive Your Police Career- 1

Stephanie is a counsellor and director of a counselling practice.She is also the partner of a police officer. Stephanie’sbackground prior to becoming a counsellor was a career in earlyyears where she owned her own nursery for 12 years. Some ofthese skills were very much transferable – to being in arelationship with a police officer!Stephanie retrained […]

Jim Ledger

How To Survive Your Police Career- 3

Jim Ledger joined the fire service in 1996 at the age of 29. Completing the 16-week recruit course set him on a career dealing with incidents ranging from multi-vehicle road traffic accidents to large fires at various ranks gaining experience and knowledge on how to keep safe and deal with the unexpected. During that time […]

Wayne Goodwin

How To Survive Your Police Career- 5

Wayne joined Kent Police in 1999, he first tried to join in the early 1990s but was a little too wet behind the ears so got told to go away and come back in a few years’ time so he thought he would do the next best thing and joined the Royal Military Police. He […]

Debbie Wade

How To Survive Your Police Career- 7

Debbie qualified as a nurse in 1997 and worked in many different environments from Accident and Emergency to Gynaecology. She joined Kent Police in 2001 and began working as a Forensic Nurse Practitioner dealing with ‘interesting clients’ whilst at the same time trying to understand aspects of the law that as a nurse she had […]

Mark Heffernan

How To Survive Your Police Career- 9

Mark Heffernan is a chartered physiotherapist, qualifying in 2002. He joined the police service in 2007 and enjoyed hurting – or treating – police officers and staff so much that he stayed. In his time working with police he has developed his role to that of ‘injury reduction consultant’ and delivers talks to all new […]

Darren Moor

How To Survive Your Police Career- 11

Darren joined Kent Police in 1990. He was on section for six years before transferring to a ‘tac team’ where he spent a further four doing public order duties, EGT, Forward Intelligence Officer, search warrants, anti-drug and street robbery operations, POLSA, surveillance work and eating an awful lot of breakfasts. He then spent ten years […]


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