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Jim Ledger

Jim Ledger

Fire Safety at Burning Buildings

Jim Ledger joined the fire service in 1996 at the age of 29. Completing the 16-week recruit course set him on a career dealing with incidents ranging from multi-vehicle road traffic accidents to large fires at various ranks gaining experience and knowledge on how to keep safe and deal with the unexpected. During that time he has studied to gain fire service promotion exams to the rank of station manager.

After 10 years of riding the fire engines at various ranks, his experience gave him the opportunity to train as an instructor in the fire service gaining qualifications in fire behaviour, positive ventilation tactics, marine firefighter, plus Cert Ed teaching qualifications for adult education with a supporting diploma in business studies.

Whilst in training Jim developed lead roles in Marine firefighting and taught incident command tactics to level 2 commanders building a good knowledge on changing practices in firefighting as modern building construction changed the dangers to firefighters and how modern technology allows for safer firefighting tactics.

Prior to retiring in March 2022, Jim had command of three operational stations and was an active level 2 fire officer.

He now spends his time cycling and travelling Europe with his wife in their motorhome.


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