How to survive your police career

Stephanie Garnham

Stephanie Garnham

Mental Health & Relationships

Stephanie is a counsellor and director of a counselling practice.
She is also the partner of a police officer. Stephanie’s
background prior to becoming a counsellor was a career in early
years where she owned her own nursery for 12 years. Some of
these skills were very much transferable – to being in a
relationship with a police officer!
Stephanie retrained in 2010 and has since been counselling full
time. She has worked in many areas of counselling as well as
being an eternal student and self-confessed geek, she loves to
keep on learning.
Stephanie has a passion for wellbeing and mental health and
enjoys being a counselling tutor and passing on the passion to
budding new counselling students.
When she isn’t working, learning or teaching, Stephanie enjoys
time with family, at the beach or walking her dog. Stephanie is
a big believer in a work-life balance and can often be found at a
festival wearing glitter and enjoying music and embracing her
free child!


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