How to survive your police career

Wayne Goodwin

Wayne Goodwin

Mental Health and Relationships

Wayne joined Kent Police in 1999, he first tried to join in the early 1990s but was a little too wet behind the ears so got told to go away and come back in a few years’ time so he thought he would do the next best thing and joined the Royal Military Police. He has done a variety of different jobs (and two lots of promotion exams) and his most recent is as the Force Mental Health Liaison Inspector which he has held since 2014. Like Darren he is also a Trauma Management (TRiM) practitioner and qualified as a counsellor in 2019 as he has a great interest both professionally and personally in this area. His counselling practice is at Lighthouse43 in Cheriton, Kent. He loves to study and has a masters degree in terrorism studies which took 6 years to attain and isn’t too bad for someone that bunked college to paint the staffroom at Burger King and got told off by his mum for doing so. Outside of work he loves moaning about how his VW camper-van keeps breaking down.


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