This book needed writing!

Nick Broome |

Brief review of ‘How to Survive Your Police Career,’ by Darren Moor, at al
Darren Moor approached me at the beginning of this week and asked me to ‘take a look at this book
and let me know what you think.’ My only ‘qualification,’ was that I served in Kent for 32 years and
have been retired for the last 11 and a half. This book needed to be written! It is packed with
essential guidance and advice covering all manner of issues affecting police officers from reducing
dangers and infections, to sexual infections, to hazards caused by jumping into open water after
people in difficulty. My own youngest son, ex-Met now in Sussex, jumped into the sea at
Littlehampton three or four weeks ago to successfully save a suicidal woman. Whilst I am proud of
him, I also immediately realised how easily his own life could have been lost. He too will read this
Important topics such as diet, exercise and sleep, fire safety, cancers and all manner of things that
can and sadly do affect many police officers. Not only is this book, in my view, essential to all serving
police officers, irrespective of role or rank, but is also helpful to those of us who have retired. As a
retired Chief Inspector from the ‘Management’ side it must surely be in the interest of the service as
a whole to encourage (or day I say, provide) officers to buy this book as it could well reduce officer’s
sickness and injuries.
I have a copy of this excellent book and I have bought one for my youngest too. Go on, do yourselves
a real life-improving favour: buy it!!
Nick Broome