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National Three Peaks Challenge Raising Funds For The Mat Ratana Foundation

National Three Peaks Challenge Raising Funds For The Mat Ratana Foundation

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On August 7th, I along with PCs Neil Finden, Steve Chapman, Carl Ashby and Darren Smith from Margate Police Station, will be attempting the National Three Peaks Challenge in aid of the Mat Ratana Foundation.

For those of you unfamiliar with the N3P, it will involve – in our case – setting out from Kent at 4.00 am, arriving at Ben Nevis in Scotland around 4.00 pm, charging up and down Britain’s highest mountain at a pace too quick for comfort, hopping back in the van and driving to Scafell Pike in the Lake District, blatting up and down England’s highest mountain, again at a pace rather inconvenient… oh, and in the dark … hopping back in the van once more and zooming off to Snowdon where we do the same for the highest peak in England and Wales … all hopefully, but dependent on the traffic, within 24 hours.

Please make it worth our while by sponsoring us.

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I’m sure all of you are familiar with the Mat Ratana story – a proper Bobby’s Bobby, tragically shot and killed on duty only months before he retired, but also an inspiration to the youngsters he dedicated his free time to training in the world of rugby.

The foundation set up to continue his work uses donations to support grass-roots sport for youngsters – a fantastic cause that we’re honoured to assist. Please take a few minutes to sponsor us via the link – you’ll get a good feeling out of it!


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