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By police. for police. Promoting health and humour within the police... and a bit of charity

At HTSYPC, our aim is to provide health and welfare information for police tried and tested by fellow police. We want to hear your answers as Bobbies to everyday health issues – read our blogs. We also like to promote charity so use the website to tell everyone about your fundraising adventures as Bobbies and how they can help. And we like to keep things humorous so tell us your funny police stories and send in your photos and videos! Enjoy the website – and book!

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…In Mice
| |

How many times do you read headlines in the papers or social media about new research which suggests that something lowers the risk of cancer, dementia or heart disease while something else apparently raises the risk of diabetes, stroke... Read More

Police Speak 2 – The Sequel
| |

A further selection of foreign words and phrases which really need to be imbedded in our policing vocabulary …   “Wei-wu-wei” Chinese. “… we’re going to wei-wu-wei …” – making a conscious decision to respond to a... Read More

Prostate Cancer
| |

Cancer of the prostate is the most common category of cancer seen in men in the UK; around 40,000 new cases are identified each year, mostly in the over-fifties. Luckily nature gives us a sporting... Read More

Police Speak
| |

A selection of foreign words and phrases which really need to be imbedded in our policing vocabulary … “Zeg … zeg” Georgian. ‘The day after tomorrow’, that mythical time when your skipper promises that you... Read More

What Is ‘Super-Gonorrhoea’?
| |

Well it’s no superhero, although I’m sure some Hollywood screen writer could push the point if they sensed a film franchise developing from it … When you look into the subject you soon realise that... Read More

The Car’s The Section Star!
| |

Here’s a little game to banter around the team while waiting for briefing to start – if everyone on the section had to be represented by a car, what car would that person be? Any... Read More

Cervical Cancer
| |

Vaccine Against Cervical Cancer? Not Quite … BBC Scotland has reported some promising research about the introduction of a vaccine for girls against the human papillomavirus – HPV – which could in the future assist... Read More

Help! I’ve Got Food Poisoning
| |

As we discuss in the book, some strains of food poisoning are worse than others but how bad is yours? Why not request a phone appointment with your doctor and have ready for them the following information... Read More

Have I Been Properly Vaccinated?
| |

As we discuss in the book one of the most important ways we can maintain our health as police officers is by not only confirming that our NHS vaccinations are up to date but also... Read More