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At HTSYPC, our aim is to provide health and welfare information for police tried and tested by fellow police. We want to hear your answers as Bobbies to everyday health issues – read our blogs. We also like to promote charity so use the website to tell everyone about your fundraising adventures as Bobbies and how they can help. And we like to keep things humorous so tell us your funny police stories and send in your photos and videos! Enjoy the website – and book!

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Help! I’ve Got Food Poisoning
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As we discuss in the book, some strains of food poisoning are worse than others but how bad is yours? Why not request a phone appointment with your doctor and have ready for them the following information... Read More

Have I Been Properly Vaccinated?
| |

As we discuss in the book one of the most important ways we can maintain our health as police officers is by not only confirming that our NHS vaccinations are up to date but also... Read More

Monthly Screening Review
| |

As we discuss in the book one of the key factors in surviving cancer is the early identification and diagnosis of something odd which is happening to your body. To that end the brilliant Cancer... Read More

Walk challenge – 50 miles in a day
| |

It was my father that put the idea of a fifty-mile charity walk in my head. He has spoken occasionally of doing a Margate to Maidstone walk during the early ‘sixties and funny anecdotes of... Read More

Policing Cholesterol
| |

Cholesterol; The Good And The Bad And The Fatty Cholesterol in our bloodstream is made up of a mixture of fats and proteins called lipoproteins; there are three main types. LDL Cholesterol is the bad... Read More

Horrendous Hepatitis
| |

The Horrendous World Of Hepatitis All Bobbies and front-line staff should have an understanding of, and respect for, the dangers of the ‘Big H’, firstly because it’s a pretty rotten, potentially life-changing condition but secondly... Read More

Professional Wrestling?
| |

‘Terry’, as a patrol officer fast approaching fifty, knows that ‘jaw-jaw’ is more important than ’war-war’ when it comes to arresting people; if you can nick someone without rolling around on the pavement with them then that’s always... Read More

Strike It Rich?
| |

Being the ‘strike team’ for a surveillance job requires certain skills – patience – obviously – but also an ability to hide away whilst waiting for that call and not bringing attention to yourselves. ‘Jon’... Read More

Tired & feeling run-down?
| |

Type 2 We’re talking diabetes, unfortunately, not the iconic VW Van…. One of the chapters in our book is entitled “… I Thought I Felt Run Down Because Of The Shifts …” and covers cancers... Read More

Acid attacks
| |

Attacks by the squirting or throwing of corrosive fluids into the face are frequently reported at the moment so it’s worth spending some time discussing what to do if either we or a colleague should... Read More

Fire(brothers in)arm officers
| |

The expertise of our firearm officers is well-known these days; recent events have demonstrated their professionalism in extremely demanding circumstances. Much of this is down to their vigorous training but also the tutoring scheme within... Read More