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At HTSYPC, our aim is to provide health and welfare information for police tried and tested by fellow police. We want to hear your answers as Bobbies to everyday health issues – read our blogs. We also like to promote charity so use the website to tell everyone about your fundraising adventures as Bobbies and how they can help. And we like to keep things humorous so tell us your funny police stories and send in your photos and videos! Enjoy the website – and book!

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Dr Ian Hesketh FCMI (CMgr), FRSA, MSET (QTLS)
Wellbeing Lead

SRO – National Police Wellbeing Service

“Reflecting as a recent retiree from 30 years police service, ‘How To Survive Your Police Career’ would have made a handy addition to my standard issue chain-link handcuffs, dodgy radio and wooden truncheon. Back then, that was the entirety of equipment issued. Although personal protective equipment has improved beyond recognition, our knowledge of the psychological challenges has gone barely unchanged. This book fills that gap, providing an excellent basic knowledge around common health concerns for all officers and staff. This, combined by an easy to use format, written from practitioners who clearly know the landscape. With hints and tips on a whole range of health issues that can, and do, arise in our life in the greatest of professions, this book provides a great companion to guide you through the tricky adventure we call policing.”

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Viva Las Vagus Nerve
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Viva Las Vagus Nerve. You ever heard of the vagus nerve? No, nor had I until a few weeks ago but since learning how stimulating – or ‘toning’ – it could reduce stress levels then it has... Read More

I Wish I Had Looked After My Teeth …
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Care Of The Old Choppers. Teeth you query? We’re going to talk about teeth? Perhaps I should explain.  The reason I began writing this book was through curiously as to whether I could be healthier now in my... Read More

Lyme Disease
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Justin Bieber isn’t the most obvious person to get spoken about in this blog but his recent revelation that he is suffering from Lyme Disease sparked my curiosity as to what this condition involved and,... Read More

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PC Matt Jackson’s foot injury (above) – incurred when chasing after someone and discovering that the metal spikes on the fence he was clambering over were positioned halfway up as well as on the top... Read More

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One of the main chapters in our book on officer health is about exercise and what we can do to maintain our bodies while avoiding injury. The chapter consists of a long Q & A... Read More

How to survive your police career
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Kent Police Sergeant Darren Moor has just published what he hopes may be the ultimate guide to health for fellow officers and front-line civilian staff. “I began writing the book out of curiosity – what... Read More

Underactive Thyroid
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One of the chapters in our police health book is called “… I Thought I Felt Run Down Because Of the Shifts …” and discusses various serious conditions where fatigue is a factor but can... Read More

Inspector Montalbano
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Can we just take a moment to mourn the passing of Andrea Camilleri, the creator of the wonderful Inspector Montalbano – a police officer who lives in a house on the beach of a beautiful Sicilian village,... Read More

…In Mice
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How many times do you read headlines in the papers or social media about new research which suggests that something lowers the risk of cancer, dementia or heart disease while something else apparently raises the risk of diabetes, stroke... Read More

Police Speak 2 – The Sequel
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A further selection of foreign words and phrases which really need to be imbedded in our policing vocabulary …   “Wei-wu-wei” Chinese. “… we’re going to wei-wu-wei …” – making a conscious decision to respond to a... Read More