How to survive your relationship with a police officer

How To Survive Your Police Career- 1

A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO LIVING WITH YOUR BOBBY OR BOBBIE In this light-hearted but informative book, recently retired Sergeant Darren Moor draws on his thirty years of service and twenty years of marriage to explain to new partners of police officers just what they have let themselves in for… Designed as a companion to the […]

How to survive your early years as a police officer

How To Survive Your Police Career- 3

With practical – but not always polite – advice on subjects as varied as team dynamics and how to be accepted by your new gang; why the police does the bizarre things it does; why the public does the bizarre things they do; fisticuffs not taught at Training School; confrontation; breaking bad news; the media […]

How to survive your police career (2022 edition)

How To Survive Your Police Career- 5

In this revised 2022 edition, recently retired Police Sergeant Darren Moor offers practical but humorous advice to Bobbies on how to maintain their health in such a bizarre job. Written as a follow-on to his How To Survive Your Early Years In The Police Service for newer officers, Darren now turns his attention to the […]