Modern-day problems & dilemmas for the elderly patrol sergeant

How To Survive Your Police Career- 7

Actually, what DID I just say then on body-worn video when it was all getting a bit tasty there …? Where’s the nearest piddle-stop when I’m out and about? And why do assistance shouts always come in when I have a full bladder? Have I got my reading glasses … prescription sunglasses … and those […]

Police Service Takes a Battering

How To Survive Your Police Career- 9

The police service has, once again, taken a battering in the media over the last few days. My focus on this website is about the welfare of officers and so try to avoid getting involved in the politics around policing but this constant criticism can only – let’s face it – worsen the health of […]

National Three Peaks Challenge Raising Funds For The Mat Ratana Foundation

How To Survive Your Police Career- 11

On August 7th, I along with PCs Neil Finden, Steve Chapman, Carl Ashby and Darren Smith from Margate Police Station, will be attempting the National Three Peaks Challenge in aid of the Mat Ratana Foundation. For those of you unfamiliar with the N3P, it will involve – in our case – setting out from Kent […]

Australian jailed for filming dying officers

How To Survive Your Police Career- 15 A horrible story which demonstrates once more that if you are going to be killed in this job then the chances are that it will be as a result of contact with a fast-moving vehicle driven by an idiot. My commiserations to the families of the officers killed.  

Police Constable Albert Alexander …

How To Survive Your Police Career- 17

 …And His Part In The Development Of The Antibiotics That Help Look After Us Today I feel we should take a few minutes to consider the experience of one of our departed colleagues. Imagine a life without antibiotics. Imagine this. It’s 1941 and you are a forty-four year old constable who develops horrendous staph and […]

Could Covid Vaccine Research Lead On To A New Cure For Cancer?

How To Survive Your Police Career- 19

If there’s one glimmer of hope from this covid-ravished year of gloom, then it’s the advances made in RNA research used to create the vaccines. But is it possible that the vaccine discovery might only be the start of the benefits provided by this research? Could it also unlock new treatments for cancer? Talking with […]

Viva Las Vagus Nerve

How To Survive Your Police Career- 21

Viva Las Vagus Nerve. You ever heard of the vagus nerve? No, nor had I until a few weeks ago but since learning how stimulating – or ‘toning’ – it could reduce stress levels then it has fascinated me. Oh, there was a noticeable could in that last paragraph … is our writer (could our writer be …) hedging his […]